Wow This week is good

Wow ok now aznmonkey is still in first but now arcticdog is in second can you belive it. arctic dog was like in last but now hes in second!!  Right now the 12 month is going to azn monkey and 6 month is going to arctic dog unless someone comes from behind!!


8 Responses

  1. Hi braveboy124 i how do you put people on you blog roll?
    thx for puting me on your blog roll!

  2. Yeah i am online right now!!!!!!

  3. meet me in the dojo at big foot right now!!!!!! My penguin name is Colleen510

  4. k yes or no???

  5. can you??

  6. Lets meet already!!!!

  7. Big foot right now at the dojo!!!!

  8. yes

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