party tommorow! Im really sorry but i can only stay at party for like 20 minutes im gonna go swimming at 12:30 thats why! But im still gonna be there also i would like to have the party 15 minutes early. so i can have more time!! so remeber 11:45 now.


i would like to congratulate xapakomenosg13 for winnig a 12 month membership and quertz won a 6 month membership this was verry unexspected!! but congrats. you guys earned it.This week my sister is also in the top ten shes lucky!!


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  1. Thx for your support guys!! ireally appreciate it. All i need is more hits i mean look i only have 215!! Can you guys like tell people to visit my blog and just leave a comment. if you guys can thx so much! Also how do you get people to like be part of my blog. like an administrator or something! If you can tell me e-mail me at
    p.s desmond is my real first name

  2. k i will be there !!!!!!! I will put it on my callendar now like what servers is it in????

  3. Sorrry i Missed the party I try to get there early and because I was going to have to lave early and I couldn’t find anyone!!!!!!!! Sorry I could not find u!!!!!!!!

    Braveboy124 said: thx soccergirl u rock!!

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