Mimos Party!!

Mimos party was the best. but i couldnt find him!! there was so much other penguins dressed like him! but one good thing came out of this!!!

ZoEZoE11 Is now my buddy . shes very nice!! all i did was ask her to be my buddy then she added me!! 🙂 i just hope she dosent delete me!! i couldnt find mimo though :(.

so thats all i did today on clubpenguin then i whent to the beach!! it was so fun !! my cousins and my brother also came they play clubpenguin too !! there name is kiba124 came and raeraegirl24 also lalagirl24 you can tell we all like the number 24!! well until later !!

~braveboy124 (braveboy24)


10 Responses

  1. :Lol:alot of penguins have “24” at the end of their name :mrgreen:
    Also give me a time and adte on MY BLOG so we can meet 😉

  2. Check out my new blog http://cpfour.wordpress.com !!!!!! I hope you like it!!!! Leave some comments!!!!!!! I am looking for 3 writers!!!!!! So if you want to be one just leave a comment!!!!!!!!

  3. NICE SITE!!!! 😀

  4. hey

  5. i like your blog

  6. its cool

  7. cool

  8. zoezoe11 is your buddy!!

  9. is mimo your buddy???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  10. your blog is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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