First day of school!!

Hello My first day of school was great!! I Have really nice teachers and guess what NO HOMEWORK!!! but i have to catch the bus to school everyday. so yea . how was your FIRST day of  school.i hope it was like mine!!!  🙂

ALSO  when we reach 1,000 hits i will have a bigger contest and a big party!! on the weekend :). so lets raise those hits!!



4 Responses

  1. first day of school what? its july. you have school in july? i dont start til late september

  2. same thesource I don’t start till late semtember but thats cool ur teacher sounds like he rocks!!!!!

  3. why do you have school in july i start on friday august 8th becuase our school is stupid and thanks if we go longer our test scores will get higher so we have a longer year this year sigh!

  4. wow my school dont start till late august i think your schools calander is a ittle off

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