Pupz New Party!!

Puppygal376JustCauseIWannaParty.png picture by puppygal376Pupz new party is gonna be greater than the last one she had if you didnt get a chance to see it just go to cool parties and look at the photos!! any way here are the party deatails if you cant read the top :)!!


Time/date:August 1st /6:00 pm pst she changed it to 6:00 remember!!

Server page: 4

Where: pups igloo or puppygal376 on map

Why:cause she wants too!!

pupz ill be there for sure!! she didnt tell me to post her party but im doing it so more people can come!!


11 Responses

  1. Hi

  2. hey

  3. this

  4. is

  5. cool

  6. i

  7. cant

  8. go

  9. Aw thanks for advertising my party! I’m sorry you can’t make it!! 😦 That stinks that school has started for you already. Actually, I will have a party on the Friday that I start school (ugh) and I will make it 6:00 PST for you.

  10. i cant come sorry! i wanna come but i cant! I have to go to work with my parents! UGH!

  11. cool thankz 🙂

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