Full server Glitch!! ITS AWSOME!

  1. Go to the page with all servers
  2. Click the server you want
  3. When it says server is full leave it alone!
  4. Click the “Tab” button on your keyboard till theres a yellow sqaure around the “okay” sighn

   5.  after your done with that, click “enter” on your keyboard and leave it alone!! DONT TOUCH ANYTHING !! When your penguin is loaded in the server, click “okay” and Your in the server!!

I tested it out and it worked!!

~braveboy124 a.k.a braveboy24!


8 Responses

  1. this is cool

  2. i LOVE this

  3. WOOT!!

  4. i wouId

  5. Love to

  6. work here

  7. Thats copyright. You are gonna have to give credit to whoever you stole it from.

  8. actually that glitche doesn’t work, it instead takes you to a different, non-full server, cuz i tried it then asked which server this is, but it was a different one.

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