Braveboy Turns 200 days Old!!

Update: I just Made A new Blog GO to It now Go NOW AND COMMENT!!

Yea its Almost time for my 200 day old Birthday on cp im so excited!!

its September 6th 2008

11:00 cpst

Server:fjord at the Dock

For my birthday present i want A one MONTH MEMBERSHIP! Lol!! but if you do get me that THANKS SO MUCH . I HOPE YOU MAKE MY 200 DAY OLD B-DAY THE GREATEST!!

Also thanks Glen for helping me W/my blog ur great!! and thanks Me12101 for making my birthday banner!!


4 Responses

  1. ill help you get a 1 moth membership!i try so hard

  2. thanks!!

  3. thanks

    um idk if i can get you THAT pesent lol

    but i have a surprise present coming up for you shhhhhh!

    PS> sept 6th is my moms b day lol

  4. hi brave boy,
    i am gulchi,
    i have made a new page at my site
    page’s name club penguin RUMORS.
    view it.
    and comment there.
    comment if it is good or what more i can add there.

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