Author Round 1

Round 1.
Cp Name:
email address:
How could you improve this blog:
all entries excepted till october 3rd
i will be selecting 4 people to move on!
all entries will be on moderation.
Me and iccee will be judging and no bribing allowed!

7 Responses

  1. Cp name: hwiianpride1
    email adress:
    How could i improve this blog: I take really good pictures from my computer, and I will always be posting whatever you would want me to! 😀
    i hope i win

  2. cp name:48rockingsta
    email address:
    how could you improve this blog:keeping different contests,planning on parties,guess it prizes,telling sites where you get clubpenguin memberships or other memberships,club penguin cheats,advertising about this blog in many other famous penguin’s blogs,winning contests and you yourself being famous etc.
    if you like me to be an author email me.anywayz please add my blog to your is its link:

  3. Cp Name: Justrokstar
    I can give you guys cool hints post updates.
    Nice Blog!

  4. CP name: Kiba124
    e-mail address:
    How could you improve this blog: You should really advertise people’s blogs on a post so that we don;t have to keep scrolling down for a comment or ad on the “advertise your blog!” page.

  5. (not a application) hey braveboy, how did you even get your blog theme exactly? cause i’ve got the same theme but i got it bfore you. did you just find it on your own or did you copy? i’m just curious i’m absolutely not mad at you. like i said, i’m just curious.

  6. 1- club penguin
    3u can improve your site by writing your blog every day and letest thing of clubpenguin

  7. Cp Name:Wilder194
    How could you improve this blog:i think i could improve with a lot.i have my own site and maybe checking it out will give you an idea how i could improve this blog the link is and i hope i can move to the next round 🙂

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