Hey guys i have terrible news

My blog is doing very very very bad now.I made a post if i should stay.You can comment here if i should stay on my blog.But if my blog doesnt make it.Ill now be working for braveboy.my blog is http://glen1515.wordpress.com

Yes(2 votes if i should stay)

No(0 votes if i should not stay)

~Iceee Cubeee~(P.S please vote.

also i have started on a new blog.i have 1 contest going on there its to win a member penguin!! all you must do is go to www.braveboy124.blogspot.com please go also please vote yes for iceee i dont want his blog to go!!!

yea its true im not a member but im gonna make me a member tommorow cause i got a gift card!!! so yea!!


4 Responses

  1. stay your blog is way better than mine!!!!!!! stay plz stay!!!

  2. guess what everybody, braveboy lost his membership! he cant wear clothes, he lost his igloo, and all his furniture!

  3. stay

  4. Hey! i am Plesentos118 http://www.plesentos118.wordpress.com
    Please add me on your blogroll and i add you
    your friend plesentos118
    send me comment

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