New stuff!

Hey guys there are new items,igloos,and furniture! Right now ill show you some cheats and rockhopper items!

Rockhopper items with no cheats this time:

Catalog cheats:

Click on the book for a chalkboard

Click on the pizza fire 2 times for a Stainless Steel Fridge

And finally click on the guitar stand as shown here for a music stand

There is no more cheats left and the igloo contest just started. How will you decorate your igloo?

My igloo:


2 Responses

  1. hey this is braveboy124
    toobad i cant go on
    im on my moms computer!
    i might miss rockhopper i have to earn back my laptob!

  2. good job brave boy!
    any way ive made some headers for you in my time and i have a favor to ask…..
    could you vote for me to be the next art master?
    go to my blog and theres the link,

    im counting on your vote,
    fan of your site,


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