Heres what the participants said…

dragondav3:Hey here is my entry
1. I live in Victoria, Australia
2. I am 18 hours ahead of club penguin time
3. I want to work for you’re blog because firstly it is an awesome blog, secondly I am experienced with blogging and would like to work for another, thirdly I have loads of friends who can help me with computer stuff for the blog and finally do you absolutely have to have a reason to want something? lol But yeah it would be great to work for you’re awesome blog.
4. Yeah I would. I can win things like metarl and arcticantics and help supply the memberships.

Ok that is my entry
from dragondav3


Hi it’s Mr M!!! I’d like to apply to be an author!
I live in Canada and I’m 3 hours ahead of CP time I want to work at your blog because I love blogging and your blog seems like a good place to blog!!! ) And I might donate to the blog… I dunno… how much do you want?


i am the same time as cp
i live in las vegas nv
because i love clubpenguin and i would love to boost your hits!
yes yes yes absouloutly yes!


I live in CA
I am far away from cp for 5 hours
I want to help you with your blog and I love cp
I might donate for your blog I think


1.I live inCalifornia
2.I live exactly in the same time zone as CP
3.I want to try my best to get this site alot of hits
4.I would try to donate one of my penguins

You may vote for the person you want by commenting here! (DONT WORRY ALL COMMENTS WILL BE UNDER MOD.) This will not count as the final yet 50% goes to voting and 50% goes to what we decide to make it fair! by friday after my party!! i will announce the 2 leaving the competition.


6 Responses

  1. Can we vote for our selves? If we can then I do, if we can’t then I vote for Lolgirlz35

  2. […] By next week friday i will close poll and i will tally up. 2 people will be going.Before you vote click here . So without further or do heres the POLL! View […]

  3. how did you put that on?

  4. drangondav thats soo sweet you rock!

  5. no probs lolgirlz

  6. i am voting for you good luck

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