Finally we get halloween and the storm isnt bad after all because its not doing any damage but now ill show you guys how to get all candies.

Go to snow forts and click on the blue flag:

Now go to the dance lounge and click on the lamp:

Now go to the lodge attic and click on the blue box:

Then go to the plaza and click on the green stew:

Now go to the cove and click on the caution sign:

Now go to the iceburg and click on the aurora/green light

Then go to the lighthouse beacon and wait for 3 flashes of lightning:

Lastly go to the book room and put your mouse over the book shown here:

Then you get this background:

Now lets go to the secret lab. Stay in the book room and then click on the green candle:

Then a path will open then you go here

Well thats it for now! I hope you have a great and safe trick or treat or if you stay home watch out for scary stuff hehehe.


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