You Will…..

Vote for the people you want to stay! By next week friday i will close poll and i will tally up. 2 people will be going.Before you vote click here . So without further or do heres the POLL!

you may vote more than ONCE!! Vote as much times as you want!!


9 Responses

  1. i voted for everyone once!! to make it fair!! go vote now!!

  2. braveboy that was very nice of you letting me get picked

  3. Hey Braveboy, I’m not trying to be mean or anything but… don’t you think letting people vote more than once is kind of… risky?

  4. I voted over 20 times to make it fair.

  5. […] Please vote for me on Braveboy’s Site: Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)The Mr Mohawk Site 2.0 Is now […]

  6. I will try my best to write on your website if I win and please vote for me and one more thing thank you for voting on me

  7. in the lead is…..
    Last Place & 2ns to last is..
    Tanhuynh226 & mr.mohawk!! vote vote vote!!

  8. Braveboy, who made your header.

  9. pastulio made it!! isnt it awsome. heres the url.
    k cya

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