Coins For Change , Rockhoppers Back , Old Play Back At Stage , Furniture Catalog Cheats!

Coins for change is back! so far ive donated 1,000 coins heres some pics!

1theres me going to donate some coins!


i picked the last one because i find that really sad!


heres the ammount of coins you may donate . you can donate more if you wish!


heres the screen that will pop up when you donate  so donate alot!

Okay, Now Rockhoppers back with alot of cool items! my personal faviorite would be the green parrot!

heres the catalog:


they brought back the red hat so whoever didnt get it yet it must be your lucky day  :mrgreen:

The Play at the stage is called “quest for the golden puffle” . Disney brought back this play cause when i tryed to buy the backround it says “you already have this item”. any ways heres the catalog cheats!


click the puffle and you get…


Lastly heres the catalog cheats




when you click on the velvet rope you get

11welcome mat!

Thanks for visiting my blog! dont forget to..

comment and donate!

i will also announce the winners later on today!

-braveboy124 a.k.a braveboy24


3 Responses

  1. Enjoy!

  2. hey brave i see that the comments are slow on your blog so i’ve decided to help you out and comment 🙂 thanks for comin to the party its almost here! well cya later have fun bloggin


  3. hey brave i was thinkin and… you the new penguin of the week 🙂 i was also wonderin if i could be on your blogroll

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