Braveboy Turns 300 Days Old!

Update: Here Is My Party Poll Scroll down For Party Banner

Hey everyone i just turned 300 days old and i decided to have a party!

Heres The Party Banner


If you cant see it

  • Fjord
  • 12:00 p.m cpst (clubpenguin standard time) THE BIG CLOCK AT SNOW FORTS
  • Dock
  • Saturday december 27
  • Bring Your Skates And Your Freinds!
  • Also The first 5 people to send me a card will get ultimate blogroll for 1 month!
  • There Will Be 4 Featured Penguins
  • Everyone will star in the video!
  • We will be moving around cp so come on time!

4 Responses

  1. I might come. Nice blog to.


  2. dude your only that old!?!?!?
    im like 627 day old!

  3. so dude i have a penguin thats 836 days old right now!

  4. hey brave shall i try and help u with the turkeys i might not be able to get any cause there in different places if u want me to just email me ur pass at

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