Screen Hogs Secret Mission , Treasure Book Update , and Party!


new-servers(picture from YODA ADS) Sorry i didnt have time to take a picture by myself please give credit to him!)

They just announced that there will be another mission. Here It is..


I wonder when it will be coming out. I guess this is the last mission! 🙂

Also The Treasure Book got updated Here is a picture of these 3 famous People Wearing At Least One Item From The New Book! Go To Lux1200’s Blog To see the whole treasure book! I was gonna post it here But…. He said no one can copy so Yea. Yea i saw them on cp just now Lol


Lastly Heres My party! I hope you all can make it!


Heres The Deatails!

  • Fjord
  • 12:00 P.m Cpst (clubpenguinstandard time)
  • Dock
  • Saturday December 27
    Bring Your skates and your freinds
  • 3 penguins will be featured
  • 5 first penguins to send me a card will get ultimate blogroll for 1 month maybe more.
  • everyone will be in the video i will upload to youtube.

Be There!!

Also On my blog directory I made #11 top of blogs~! So Thanks to all of you!!

Keep Visting And Keep Commenting!

-braveboy24 a.k.a braveboy124

P.S this post is 200 words lol!


3 Responses

  1. Heres u go Brave,ur new banner

    Hope you like it,CYA

  2. hey yea sure ill put you on my blogroll after one condition you put me on yours 😉

  3. okay
    but i have to go now
    ill put you on it later okay

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