Party Was AWSOME!

this party was great from the start! it was pumpin heres some pics!!


Zoezoe11 was even at my party! i was so siked!!

Here a the 3 featured penguins~


Zoezoe11                                                            Monk55392                                               dufflbagboy

Zoezoe11 was there from beginnning to end monk kept on being nice and dufflbagboy was super active.

Also no one sent me a post card so no one gets ultimate blogroll! LOL!



16 Responses

  1. i missed it sorry

  2. billythepet is gone i dont know y? U EVEN CANT FIGURE IT OUT?



  5. Hey brave boy I will have your header ready by tomorrow morning @ 9:00 PST. ( I have to go to an X-mas party in like 5 min).

  6. Oh and for the there penguins, do you want there player cards on? if not, I can put there names under each penguin.

  7. i ment three penguins sorry!

  8. Brave boy I am done your banner. And why are u asking braybon9 for a banner too? BTW put my banner on you blog.

  9. everyone im having a rare penguin contest its 980 days old go to my blog
    And enter. im also braveboy124’s brother!

  10. To clubpenguinguy10: He is asking for a header, thats a banner! 🙂

  11. It’s done! Pick it up at 🙂 I think it looks good. It’s the first one I made with that backround!

  12. Braveboy it got really low qualty! What did you save the image as?

  13. You got to save it as a PNG just so ya know. If it is still low quality after wards, add me as admin and i will fix it

  14. igloo on map, party staritng now!!!

  15. um you won fetured player on my post about snowy’s party send a player card pic plz if you can!

  16. Hey braveboy SorryI couldn’t come. It looked awesome.

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