My Newest Music Video And My Newest Party Invitation!

Hey People Heres My Newest Music Video!


Enjoy my newest video please subscribe to my videos!!

And Here is my party banner!


Heres The Info If you cant see it!

  • Where: Fjord At Dock
  • Time: 1:00 p.m clubpenguin time
  • Date: January 31st (Saturday)

Heres This Poll i want you to take!

Right Now Im Contacting To See If Primajess is Available. Then Ill try chrisdog wwe adam aznmonkey and Kingpin. (Lets hope all of them can make it!) Please comment if you are coming.


6 Responses

  1. im having a party 2morrow! also im not sure cause thats to far away to tell! i will tell u a few days before the party

  2. i am haveing a contest go to this blog

  3. I need you to put the dance cheats because I’m not a member, make sure to post your video in it too
    I like it, and can I be an author on your blog too since you are an author on my blog?

  4. braveboy124 go to at sunday 2:00 pm penguin standard time

  5. New contest on my site! Probably for a CP clothing code or be an admin on my site ’til i delete you. 3 rounds for the contest!!!


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