Party New Start Screen And Millions Of Coins! ( Members Only )

Click Here To Go To The Millions Of Coins Cheat Post ( Members Only ) BUT YOU CAN STILL CHECK IT OUT!

Clubpenguin has made a new startscreen. Its funny they were not making many updates now they start doing many things!

new-new-new(Click To Enlarge)

Im Also Having A birthday bash! Im Hoping Many Of you can make it!

1-year-old-banner1 I will be on my xat during the party! see ya there!

-braveboy124 a.k.a braveboy24


2 Responses

  1. whats ur xat?

  2. 😦 Wat braveboy….. I’m no longer part of you’re blog. I haven’t been able to get on my computer until a few days ago we had a big power out coz a bus crashed into one of the poles with wires. If you put me back I swear I will update cp news as fast as i can

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