Late Posting And Party Still On And A Very Funny Video!

Hey i havent Been Posting For A While Because I Needed To Protect My Laptob From The Virusus So I Got The Security Stuff For My Laptob! Heres My Faviorite Room!


Heres The Newest Item On Clubpenguin!


Also Please Come To My 1 Year Old Party! Its Gonna Rock~! Lux1200 Will Be There! Hope You Will To!


I will Be On My Xat During the party! I Will Be Adding Only 5 people! So Try to get my attention! 5 People Will Be Featured!

Lastly heres the funniest video i found! its gonna make you pee your pants!

How dumb george bush really is!

😆 😆

Thats it for now!

-bravebpy124 a.k.a braveboy24


5 Responses

  1. cool,
    plz vote for me and dexter333 at !! thanks!

  2. cool sight i love the vid! it is so funny! check my site out and also check this one out!

  3. its new very new new new

  4. Lol nice post Braveboy!
    I will try to be at the party!

  5. Can you make it to my party? I’m sorry but I can’t come. 😦


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