My Party Reminder~!

Update: Thanks For Coming Party Is Now Over!

Dont Forget To Come to my party! Its Gonna Be Awesome!


Here Are The Deatails……

  • Where: Fjord Dock
  • Time 1:00 p.m Clubpenguin Time
  • Date: January 31st!
  • We Will Be On My Xat! ( Its on the ultimate Links )

Also To Everyone Who Comes Gets A Little Surprise.

The 5th person to send me a post card will get a party package!

So Be Sure To Send Me A Post Card! Ill Also Be Making A Video!

Also Lux1200  Will Be There!

I Think This Will Be My Best Party Yet!!

-braveboy124 a.k.a braveboy24


6 Responses

  1. Leave A Comment If You Are Coming!

  2. Hi Braveboy, thanks for the invite to your party. It is going to be awesome and I’ll be sure to attend. Happy First Birthday!

    Your Buddy

  3. Luke ( Lux1200)! Why don’t you answer the comments on the new pin new Snow and Sports catalog, etc.? You never come or request that your coming!

  4. P.S. I’m coming! Lux1200, will you add? I want to because that’s my last day ( well, to be on CP 24/7). If I go there and you add me with LUX1200 and LUXX1200 ( you don’t really need to do Luxx1200) I will be changing my mind. If I do come and your there adding me, I will forget about leaving for a whole YEAR!
    P.S. Don’t await this on moderation.

  5. hey cartmen1029 here (on my muck up account) if i come ill record and put it on you tube 😉


  6. im already there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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