Party Pictures!

The Party Was Great! It Rocked! Thanks Everyone Who Came! Im Proud To Say…THIS WAS THE BEST PARTY EVER!

Heres Some Pictures!

1(Before The Party)


3(Toward The End) (Click To Enlarge)

Here Are The 6 Featured Penguins!


Newest Freind


Newest Freind


Newest Freind


Good Freind


Good Freind


Good Freind

Thanks Everyone Who Came! Please Come To My Next Party. Im soory everyone Lux1200 Couldnt Come I Think He Forgot. But I Will try and get him to come to my next party! thanks for coming again!

-braveboy124 a.k.a braveboy24


8 Responses

  1. Hi braveboy, thx for commenting on my blog!

    Can you put me on your blogroll? I really need hits. I can put u on mine too.

    If you want to I can teach u how to make banners without a logo in the bottom.

    First make the banner (picture representing the banner). Then upload it on photobucket. Get the direct link of the photo.

    Then this will be the code:

    Then you will have a banner!

    Comment on my site if you agree to add me to ur blogroll.

    Thx and Bye!

  2. Sweet party 😀 I had to leave early, sorry 😦 I’ll 100% come to next! : )

  3. awsome! im in there! thx dude! ur the best! ur the first 2 feature me on a site! thx again! 😉

  4. o yea im also 2nd! my lucky AND favorite # XD

  5. yo man meeet me on club penguin im josh blue98 im featured you rock

  6. i came really early i added u first at the party i meanwhen the party didnt even start i added both of ur penguins

  7. DUDE THX FOR FEATUREING ME!!!! you rock NOW IM GOING TO TELL ALL MY FRINEDS ABOUT IT!!! and i have like(5,000friends) lol my penguins name is gabyh876

  8. im in the vid! i said gtg at the ice rink though 😦

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