TEValentimes Day Party+My Third Music Video!

Update: Should i make it a 10,000 hits party and valentimes day party>?

Since clubpenguin is not going to have a valentimes day party i have decided to make one. lol i know what your thinking! i just had a party but this party is for everyone! i hope all of you can come!

blank-5(click to enlarge)

If you guys cant see heres the deatails:

  • Where:sleet,night club
  • When:Febuary 14 2009 (saturday)
  • Time:12:00 noon (middle of the day) clubpenguin time

 UPDATE:Also There Will Be A King And Queen At The Party. What i mean is that im gonna make a poll. of all the couples that want to be in it. then the couple that gets the most votes to be king and queen will be king and queen. entries are only accepted till next week saturday. febuary 7th. so start commenting! tell people on your blog to come here and join or vote!

If you could please advertise this party! the more people that come the funner it will be. so if you have a blog please advertise this on your blog.

(Invitation Video Coming Soon)

Lastly heres my newest music video!

Click Here To Subscribe To My Videos! (Please Subscribe)

Enjoy And Please Subscribe And Please advertise the party. (Everyone Who Advertises The Party,Comment Here,and ill put you on my ULTIMATE BLOGROLL For 1 month!)

-braveboy124 a.k.a braveboy24


7 Responses

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  3. hey braveboy i was at ur last party im also on ur buddies list! 😉 sorry i cant go 2 the valintines day party. ill already be at jamacia! i will be gone for 8 days! sorry!

  4. […] Come To The Valentimes Party! Click  Here For Deatails About That Party. Stay Tuned And 10,000 Hits Almost Here! Should I Have a 10,000 Hits […]

  5. i would like to be a nominee for prom QUEEN!!! MY PENGUINS NAME IS : gabyh876( on your buddy list) pelase please please !!!! make me a nominee

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