Paint By Letters Book OUT!

Finally. The New Book Is Out! “Lime  Green Dojo Clean” Heres Some Pictures!



Also Come To The Valentimes Party! Click  Here For Deatails About That Party. Stay Tuned And 10,000 Hits Almost Here! Should I Have a 10,000 Hits Party? You Decide. Comment Here With Your Awnser. Im thinking To Combine the valentimes day party With My 10,000 Hits Party? 2 Parties In One Day! Sounds Good Right!


4 Responses

  1. hey braveboy first comment! XD! its not out for me

  2. nice post! so close to 10,000 points!

  3. Nice post!
    Congratz on 10,000 hits!
    I m just 1000 hits behind you 🙂

  4. Cool

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