New Catalog Out And 10,000 Hits Party!

Update: Valentimes Party Is Cancelled! Instead Ill Be Having A 10,500 Hits Party! Look At The Bottom Of This Post!

First Of ALL Thanks For The 10,000 Hits Guys! I Really Appreciate It!

Okay Heres The New Catalog. (sorry i didnt post befiore i was in school.)


Heres The Cheats









Heres The News Paper!


Heres My 10,500 Hits Party Banner.

Blank-5.gif picture by braveboy24

Where: Fjord Dock
Time: 12:00 Noon CLUBPENGUIN TIME!
Date: Febuary 14 2009

Hope You All Can Come! And Please Advertise This Banner!

Heres My Latest Poll!

threee-looks(Click to enlarge)


-braveboy124 a.k.a braveboy24


11 Responses

  1. Hey,
    Awesome site!
    Please comment back on my site (Click my name)

  2. You Have An Awesome Site Too!

  3. Gr8t Post!
    But i can’t come at the party, its 11 pm for me! Sorry!
    Oh and I think you should wear 1.

  4. dude go on cp some time i wanna cu again! last time i saw u was at ur party!
    ps AWSOME site!

  5. go on sub zero
    ps im on ur buddies list!
    pss dont delete me!

  6. hey jonay Lux1200 is having a party at 10:00 pst on sub zero at the ice rink and one the same at 4:00pst time hope to see you there ( a freind a.k.a gabyh876)

  7. hi! ill try to make some of it cause i have another party at the same time i think

  8. nvm that party is at 11 pst! urs is at 12 pst! yay

  9. Your site rocks too!
    Also and cool post, and I hope I will come to your party! 🙂
    See ya!
    -† Vaci 123 †-

  10. Ok Vaci See Ya!

  11. Great Post Brave!


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