Ive Been Grounded.

Ive Been Grounded From This Point On. This Post Is Gonna Be Sticky Until I Get Ungrounded Which Will Be In 2 weeks or so. Dragondav3 Please Update This Blog. Dragondav Im Making You Admin For Those Two Weeks So You Can Do The Comments. Please Dont Screw Up This Blog.

Thats All From Braveboy124

Cya Guys Then

p.s party is cancelled Sorry.


8 Responses

  1. This Post Is Sticky. Dragondav Please Approve Comments And Please Post Latest Updates.
    -braveboy124 cya then.

  2. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was going to go to the party

  3. no party i guess…………….

  4. D: I was so going to party waaa : (

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    • Hey guys don’t advertise everywhere on the blog, I will let this one slip because I am unsure of what braveboy would do but all advertising comments will be held back from now on then braveboy can decide to publish them or not.

  6. 😦 no party of larg amounts of sugar 😦

  7. I am really sorry ur grounded! Lol but why are you grounded?

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