Hey Guess Whos Back!

Update: I Havent Been Having Donations Latley. So If You Want To Go And Help This Blog Go To The Donations Page.

Hey everyone Im Back!! I Bet You Guys Want to know why did i get grounded in the first place well i didnt listen closley to my moms directions and she had to pay $25 dollars for my actions. but ive asked my mom she said ok you can but she also said”DONT DO IT AGAIN” So bext time im paying really close attention! Thanks Dragondav for posting and approving comments i really apperciate it! im so happy im back. ill see all of you on clubpenguin.

-braveboy24 a.k.a braveboy124

p.s im gonna reschedule the party. maybe for the 21st of febuary do you think you can make it.


6 Responses

  1. Hey Im Back! Lol! Im So Happy!!

  2. Hey dude wb! lol i am having my bday party at 21st 😛

  3. Hey man glad ur back, it was fun being admin while it lasted.

  4. hey we can do it today I T WILL BE FUN AND YEAH WE CAN DO THE PARTY TODAY!!!!

  5. So what did she have to pay for??? let me guess, you screwed up school property??? I don’t think you did though

  6. No. Umm I Dont Want To Tell. Sorry Lol!

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