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Time To Party!

This Post Is Sticky, Scroll Down For Latest!

I Have Re-Scheduled My party due to me being grounded instead of today its on the 21’st of febuary!


Here Are The Deatails…

  • Where: Fjord Dock
  • Why:10,000 hits party!
  • Time: 2:00 p.m clubpenguintime
  • Date: Febuary 21,2009

Hope All Of You Can Make It.

Special Guests:

  1. Lux1200 (Maybe)
  2. Aznmonkey10 (Maybe)
  3. Katukiss a.k.a marciux
  4. More To Come!

p.s This Post Will Be Sticky Until The END Of The Party. S0 Scroll Down For All The Latest News. And Dragondav Im Making You Admin Until The End Of The Party Also, Then You Can Be An Author Once Again.

-braveboy124 a.k.a braveboy24


28 Responses

  1. Lol maybe im coming but not sure cause that day im going to a party on 4:00pm but urs is 2:00pm so maybe im going!

  2. I had to go out

  3. Hey braveboy I think I can come. Cya there.

  4. And cool thanks

  5. ill try to come and here are three words to get hits, inform, entertain, and Varieity

    Variety- Make friends! thats special casue ur htis go up and u become great friends! becoming friends is mroe important then hits cause it sncie to be surrounded by them and have a fun time!
    Entertain- make contests, random posts, pages and mroe to make ur veiwers mroe entrtained
    Inform- make interesting posts

  6. Thanks For The Help Dude You Rok!
    -Braveboy1124 A.k.A Braveboy24

  7. Please Can You Un-Spam My Other Comment?
    It Is Classed For Spam For Some Reson :S

  8. Reson To Unspam:
    It has a message for you to read 😆

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    Awesome post and have a wicked day!

    (I would like it if u commented back )


  10. 2 hours after my party lol 😉 ill try to come 😀

  11. Also be sure to come to my party, we will get special guests like ojoc, lil suad, blowsight10 and maybe survivor91 😀

  12. Hey Braveboy!
    You now have a domain!
    ~Red Boingee

  13. Your Site Is Now http://www.braveboy124.co.nr 😉

  14. Please give credit to my site for you winning the domain.

  15. 😦 I carnt come My latest is 10Pm Coz i live in england.
    Plus can I join this site? Like so i can post on it and stuff.
    {Im the owner or http://www.clubpenguingangster.co.nr and http://www.ice-box.co.nr }
    my email: cheekyjay1@hotmail.co.uk
    Thanks 🙂

  16. hey braveboy.remember me iceee?well i just want to say good luck on your website and im going to you party this saturday.Bye brave.

    ~Iceee Cubeee~

  17. Lol I might come to the party, but not sure.
    Lol and I have over taken you on hits!

  18. I Should Be A Special Guest Too. 😆

  19. I think I can come and did braveboy ever post his other party video which is on like page 4???

  20. ill be there… and soryy bout ur membership…

  21. hey braveboy i spreaded the word on luxs site! 😉

  22. Brave where r u??? its party time!!!


  24. o sorry everyting was capitalized…

  25. Has anyone seen braveboy? Did the party actually happen?

  26. idk…

  27. im not sure if the partay happend…

  28. i was there…

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