New Newspaper

The New newspaper reveals lots of great information, for some reason my pics aren’t working but i will ad some when it starts too.

White puffles have been announced

New pin and rockhopper tommorrow

St. Patricks day party coming soon.

Thats it Check it out



3 Responses

  1. Dragonday3, give up already, Braveboy124 is not coming back so not worth it!! DON’T BOTHER EVERYONE, JUST GO TO DRAGONDAY3 SITE ALREADY!

  2. Hey crazy for CP do you know where braveboy is?
    IF he isn’t back by the end of this weekend then I will try contact im

  3. yea seriously! brave aint coming back! idk what the heck happend! maybe hes on a vaca? idk anyways give up! sorry brave but this site is in BAD progress…

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