New Game Thanks To Blowsight And Polkagirl!

I Started This New Game Called Pandanda. Its Super Cool! Just Like Clubpenguin! but for only a while its better than cp!! Yup Because You Get To BUY CLOTHES! RIGHT NOW ITS ON BETA VERSION. When beta is done they are gonna start making memberships. But All The People Who Joined Gets A Surprise At The End Of Beta , So Join Now!! Just Click  Here And Register!

Heres My Panda….


So Start Playing Before Beta Ends! Thanks Again Blowsight And Polkagirl!

-Braveboy124 A.k.A Braveboy24-


8 Responses

  1. co go to my party?

  2. Lol I play pandanda too

  3. My penguin name couldn’t be dragondav3so I am just dav3

  4. heya, Im having a party tomorrow. come to my site for the invitation.
    hope to see you there

  5. I play Pandanda too. I also met Blowsight10! He also became my friend. Can you meet me on Pandanda at Bear Hollow at 5:00 tomorrow on Friday. Thanks.

  6. wait my penguin r ….
    Henrie (not henry ppl chase me aND ADD ME LOLZ)

  7. even better than cp

  8. Jag vil Jens go merd er

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