Current News On Clubpenguin!

Hey The New Newspaper Came Out Today! Here It Is!


( Top Story! ) THE PENGUIN PLAY AWARDS CONTINUE! Until April 9th!

Also Breaking News!!


Gary Is Coming April 2nd!! Hes Gonna Be Checking Out The SwitchBox 3000!! So He Might Be In The Front Stage Also!

But Theres Nothing That Said The Penguin Band Is Coming But Ill Keep Looking!


Heres The Events! Tommorow The New Ninja Catalog Arrives. So Stay Tuned For That!

Also Ive Been Using ( Paint.NET ) For My Pictures Thats How I Got All These Effects. Like It? Comment, 😉

Thats All For Now Tune In For The Ninja Catalog! Bye!

-Braveboy124 A.k.A Braveboy24- 😉


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