April Fools Day Party 2009!

Hiya, Braveboy124 Posting 😉

First Of All There Has Been A Rumor About a virus going around the world saying ” Dont go on your computers random people will be sending viruses. i dont beleive this but my parents say i should so i wont be posting On APRIL 1ST. You can still come and comment. but it will be on mod unit APRIL 2ND. Okay Heres The Free Item!


Its a blue propeller hat. i think last year they gave out a red one. im not sure. lets go on.

My fisrt faviorite room is the dojo. you can climb on the walls!


Throw Snowballs and it turns into paint balloons! Awesome! 😉

Next up we have the box store. lol you can actually buy boxes!


lol how cool is that! heres the item list!


Okay this is important but you need to buy the portal box! okay heres a cheat!

  1. Buy A Portal Box ( Members Only )
  2. Then go to your igloo.
  3. edit your igloo
  4. find the prtal box.
  5. place it anywhere
  6. open your igloo ( So Non Members Can Come In )\
  7. Go Near The Box


 Then You Will Be Transported in to the box deminson!


And there you go! heres a picture showing non members also can get in! thats a first lol.

Well Thats All The Cheats! Remember i wont be on April 1st! So comments will not be moderated!

If youw ant to use this please give me credit! thanks for coming please comment!

-Braveboy124 A.k.A Braveboy24- Theres many more fun stuff going on in cp! so go check it out! and vote for me in sources contest!


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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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