UPDATE: Club Penguin… Closing??

I was looking around some club penguin blogs and found this on http://comedivewithme.wordpress.com/

Its so sad I hope it isnt true


The dreadful news!! I was on the community and I clicked on the blog and this came up:


I didn’t manage to get the rest because by the time I opened up Paint and copied it, then went back to get the rest, it was gone and when I clicked back it just went to the community page!!

It showed up because if you look closely the special code on the post showed up, because it was put in incorrectly!!

SHOCKING news!! I’m so sad!!
Well, this might spell the end for the blog in some time, but I’ll keep you covered on whats happening.

Back tome

If you cant read the list of dates it is…

March 6 Disney make the decision to shut down Club Penguin

March 19 The team get the Fateful news

April 1 Moderators Notified

April 15 Old Penguin Accounts Removed

April 23 Penguins Notified

Cant read the rest from there

My god this is sad

Will our worst fears be confirmed?

Comment and Keep Visiting for the latest updates


UPDATE! Thanks to comedivewithme.wordpress.com

Icysnap gets full credit


I’ve been emailed:



I don’t know what you guys think, but this is a bit suspicious, in the first place, if it was an april fools joke then they would have kept it up there, and posted on the whats new blog that it was a joke, and then why do they contact me and advise me to post up the ‘truth’?
I don’t know whats going on, but it seems like they’re trying to disguise the sad truth from us!

Anyway, I’ll probably be getting another email from them when this goes up, so I’ll keep you updated.


So thats it




6 Responses

  1. ….maybe it’s an April Fools prank

  2. I doubt it.. It seems real but you could be right

  3. well it depends when it was posted I guess

  4. dude idk what it going to happend or change club penguin?.

  5. that sucks what about the people who bought memberships?

  6. EXACTLY! I hope it is fake.

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