Newest Music Video!

Hey its been a long long time since i had a music video. This video may not be good but just rate it 5 Stars! It took me 2-5 hours. I Can make fast and good music videos. The song i picked this month is Gives You Hell. Sung BY -All American Rejects-

Next Month Is Kiss Me Thru The Phone BY Soulja Boy!

Tell all your freinds to come and watch it. Lastly Please Subcribe! I Really Need It.

Thanks for the 15,000 Hits! I also need WORDPRESS CREDITS. Please donate 15 WordPress Credits To Me.

Send it to

-Braveboy124 A.k.A Braveboy24-


13 Responses

  1. I love that song, kwl video!!

  2. How about doing a Green Day song?? Boelavard of Broken Dreams?

  3. awesome vid! how did u NOT get banned?!?

  4. thanks for entering my contest, remember to check back at for the results every single day.

  5. Can everyone visit my blog? 8 hits left till 600.
    And Braveboy124, what do contributors do?

  6. great song, great video, nice job. try doing Living End- Raise The Alarm!

  7. i used to like the all american rejects but i dont like their new songs (including this one) But its still a great viedo

  8. You could do Dirty Little Secrets by AAR (All American Rejects)

  9. Kiss me thru the phone is beast! I love that song.
    OH i was wondering where your blog roll was nvm i see it now

  10. im making my own CPMV

  11. love that song and kiss em thru the phone to! 🙂

  12. i love the song kiss me thru the phone also!!!

  13. Hey.
    Braveboy could I put that video in my site?

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