New Igloo Catalog!

Hey the new catalog came out and thanks everyone for watching my video. And the next CPMV Will Be…

Kiss Me Thru The Phone BY Soulja boy!

Any ways heres the new catalog! I love the new catalog and so musch stuff is brought back!


Heres the cheats!



( Its the wheel barrow. To get it just click on the small tree on the bottom.)



( To get the white puffle poster click on the word puffle on the top left)


( The next xheat is to get the picket fence! Just click on the garden photo on the top left)

Lastly heres my igloo!


Thanks everyone for coming to my blog. I also met my freind 10paperyoshi today. We havent seen each other for like months!! But its great to see him! Lets get these hits up and im having a author contest! Dragondav3 hasent been posting much and i have school so i should hire an author. But thats later on. Cya 😉
-Braveboy124 A.k.A Braveboy24-


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