How To Get Millions Of Coins AGAIN!

Braveboy124 Posting 😉

Today i found out a new way to get millions of coins. So if you post this anywhere please give me credit!

Heres the the steps!

  1. Go to the pizza parlor
  2. Before you enter the game click on the house pizza-1
  3. Then when your at your igloo somethings gonna pop up asking do you want to play?
  4. Click Yes! pizza-2
  5. Then when your gonna start the game on the bottom right theres a lever.
  6. Click the red lever and it should be like this pizza-3
  7. If you click that you get extra points because its gonna be chocolate pizza
  8. Get as much points as possible
  9. Keep Pressing Done pizza-4
  10. And You Get Alot Of Coins!
  11. 10 Simple Steps!

Thats all for now 😉  Keep visiting for more ways to get coins! Thats all for now!

-Braveboy124 A.k.A Braveboy24-


This can also be done with aqua grabber

I think it can be done with pretty much every game in club penguin!



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  1. nice glitch

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