Winners Announced ( Final Tally ) AND Author/Editor Contest

Okay so fist of all the winner for the music video contest is

MINFA123 In first Place

FUN AND GAME In Second Place

PENGUIN0184 In Third Place

Thanks everyone for entering! Those 3 people up their leave their email addreses and ill contact you guys. Next Contest Is AUTHOR/EDITOR CONTEST

Heres How To Enter

  1. Leave Your WordPress Name AND Penguin Name
  2. Penguin Age ( Please Dont Lie )
  3. Why You Would Want To Work Here
  4. Do You Have A Blog? ( If You Do Please Leave The Link )


  1. Must Have Entries Completed By May 9
  2. All Who Enter WILL Go On To Round 2
  3. Round 2 Will Be Eliminations
  4. Only 10 Spots Available SO ENTER QUICK
  5. There Will Be 2 Winners ( AUTHOR AND EDITOR)
  6. When There Is 4/5 People Left I Will Have  A Poll

Thats All For Now! Bye 😉

-Braveboy124 A.k.A Braveboy24-


22 Responses

  1. My wordpress name is: funandgame and my pengy name is funandgame.
    Penguin age:492 Days
    I like to type, I got straight A’s for book reports that you type, I was brves friend for a while, maybe a year but didn’t know his blog till november or something like that, and I like cake.
    Ya but I don’t use it but I’ve been thinking of posting something for awhile. Link:

  2. oops I mean my penguin’s name is fun and game(I forgot the spaces)

  3. I dont no if this matters but I’m in 2 CP armies

  4. name:Minfa123real :penguin minfa123
    i want to just ahng out and hang with u i knoe u alot
    i do but its not gikood as urs

  5. 1.wp name: billythepet CP name: billythepet
    2.days:459 make lots of contest

  6. Site name- Club Penguin Cheat & Tips
    Penguin Name- Ichigo Kuro1

    Days old- 152 Day old

    Why I want to work here-I get straight As on writting and reports. I like using my computer alot! I’m good at blogging, typing, and I’m good at tech stuff.


  7. i have 4 different cp accounts thats a member… could I enter all of my really old penguin and enter my main penguin, plz

  8. braveboy i cant see my first comment

  9. let me answer the quetions again since i cant see my first comment.

    WordPress Name- Club Penguin Cheats & Tips
    Penguin Name- Ichigo Kuro1

    Penguin Age- 152

    I want to work here because I get straight As on writing and reports that you have to type. I like blogging! I am good at tech stuff and I like using my computer alot!!!

    I separated my answers by the questions, later!

  10. i cant see my other comments!

  11. Braveboy I am asking again, Can I please be in the next music video?

  12. No im in it lol

  13. lol, but seriously braveboy

  14. BRAVEBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I CANT SEE MY COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Great Site!!!
    Try Mine:

  16. 1. wordpress name: Club Penguin Cheats & Tips. CP Name: Ichigo Kuro1

    2. penguin age: 153

    3. I like using my computer. I get straight A’s in my reports. I am good at tech stuff.


  17. 😡




  18. 😡

  19. >:)

  20. 😡

  21. email:

  22. mine is

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