The Medieval Party!

Hey Everyone the medival party is here! Its Awesome Clubpenguin Got Some OLD AND NEW Stuff! I Love It So Much!

Heres The Walk Through To Get Free Items!

First Go To The Cave ( Only Members, It Sucks Non Members Get No Fun )

M1 Go Inside The Chamber

Next, Complete The First Misson And Go Through The Chamber  And Get The Free Item


Next Complete The Second Misson By Hitting The Targets And Go Through The Other Chamber. You Get…


Then Start The Final Misson This One Is Tricky! Here Are The Steps… 

1st Room: Down

2nd Room: Left

3rd Room: Down

4th Room: Right

5th Room: Right

6th Room: Up

 Also After When You Come Back To Do The Maze,  There Is A Yellow Light On The Arrows Like This..

M4 It Should Be Blinking.

Then You Will End Up In This Ice Palace Thingy. Go To The Top And Get The Final Free Item


That Completes The Walk Through!

Next We Have The Pin! Pin Is In The Boiler Room!


Its A Crown! Awesome!

Next Heres The Free Item For Everyone!

M7 Its A Wizard Hat! Located In The Light House!

Next Up The New Stage Catalogs! 3 Cheats Are In This One!

Okay Heres The First Cheat

M8 Click There And Get

M9 Keep Closing And Clicking The Same Spot To Get…

M10 The Blue Viking Helmet! Click On The Ladys Helmet And Get..

M11 THE GOLD VIKING HELMET! SUPER RARE! But i have one already. I Got one during halloween 2008! Enjoy The Medieval Party!



  1. How Long Do You Play Clubpenguin ( Each  Day )
  2. How Many Days A Week Do You Play Clubpenguin?
  3. What Do You Love To Post ( Pins,Catalogs,Items,Parties)?
  4. Do You Have A Blog? ( Just List It )
  5. Why Do You Want To Be A Admin Or Author?

Thats All I Will Be Elimanating 5-6 People The Rest…. Will Be Going To Round 3! And Then Round 4 Will Be The Poll!

Deadline: Friday May 15! NO ACCEPITIONS!

-Braveboy124 A.k.A Braveboy24-


3 Responses

  1. I’m days old
    4-5 days a week
    I want to be an Admin or Author because I have nothing to do and I’m pretty good at finding cheats and I’m good at advertising

  2. *cough* I’m 498 days right now

  3. Brave, the blinking lights only show up after you’ve completed the maze.

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