Rockhopper’s Plants Are Spreading

Update : Hello my penguin name is Ayushbest1 & I would say hi to this awesome blog! I thought I would be an admin but..okay lets move the cheats!

So we know Rockhopper had brought us surprise plants and covered his ship in Tree’s and Plants and jungle stuff, or did it attack his ship and now Club Penguin? Check this out:

rh plants spreading

Rockhopper control your plants dude! Maybe this means a new kind of plant party? Who knows!

My theroy: The plants Rockhopper brought for us are growing and spreading out of his ship. We have to buy a bunch so they stop spreading around Club Penguin. Thats the only thing I could think of, unless a new party.

Plus: Rockhopper is (or just was) on Southern Lights, logged on to take that pic and there was Rockhopper with now crowd. Thanks to my tracker he has one know! New video coming: Fun With Rockhopper. My mac died while filming so Ive gotta fix up the footage but I’ll post it when its done.


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