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NewsPaper Events/Contests & Music List

Hey the newspaper says some interesting things such as


20 Penguins Will Win Either

  • Grand Prize- 25,000 Coins
  • Second Place- 15,000 Coins

So Enter!!

Also theres the events


  • New Music-May29
  • Rockhopper Leaves-May31
  • New Penguin Style Catalog-June5
  • Adventure Party-June12!
  • New Pin-June5

Lastly Heres The New Music Updates

Music List

I Like The ( Summer Song ) Its Awesome! Also When Do You Go On Summer Break? I Go On Summer Break On June 8th!! How Bout You?

Well Thats all for cp news. Thanks for coming! AND THANKS FOR 17,000 Hits!! Mostly Thank you Authors/Admins Of This Blog!!

Oh and 1 more thing………

I Have New Pages On This Blog!!

Heres some new pages

  • How To Get A Toy Code!
  • Insane Cp Cheats Members! ( People Who Work Here. It also exsplains the rules for those who work here. also if you WANT To work here chec out that page! Look on Your right for all the pages!!

Pages To Come!

  • How To Get A FREE Membership
  • New Header Shop BY Ayushbest1

Bye! and have a great WEEK!!

( Also Lets Get Those Hits Up! 20k And Then A Party!!)


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  1. Ok I Will Make, Maybe The After 2morrow!

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