Party Pictures! ( CLUBPENGUIN PARTY )

Hey the party was awesome! I Loved it and also i bet you guys did! I added like 6 people. We played card jistu And Sled racing and did some wacky stuff like rob the pizza parlor! It was awesome! THE BEST PARTY EVER!!

Heres How We Started It…


And Then We Went Sled Racing!!


Then We Partied On The Hill!!


Then We Went To The Cove!


Then To My Igloo!


Then we partied our way over to the dance club


From there we ended up at the ice rink, the final place of our journey


That Was An Awesome Party! I Would Like To Recongnize 5 People!

  1. Wexiflex ( He Satyed The Whole Time! I Couldnt Get A Picture Of Him 😦 )
  2. TheSource00 ( He Was Funny And He Stayed The Whole Time Making People Laugh! )
  3. beardedcrest ( Good Freind And Stayed The Whole Time )
  4. Mricehockey ( Good Freind And Stayed The Whole Time )
  5. Bobcoffee7 ( Good Freind And Made Us Laugh He Also Stayed The Whole Time! )

Heres Some Pics Of Their Penguins!

Featured 1Featured 2

Featured 3Featured 4

Thanks Everyone Who Came! Next Up Is Party Pandanda! Also Look!

ppl online

We Made 10 Again!! Yea! Now Lets Try 20! Invite All Your Freinds! Thanks!

-Braveboy124 A.k.A Braveboy24-


8 Responses

  1. look my offer

  2. urgh……..i missed it my internet doesn’t load when it is 6 PM PST

  3. I knew you since December or so and you still don’t know how to spell Wexfief. lol

  4. hey braveboy sorry i wasn’t there my laptop was not working but u post why i didn’t go and can we meet on cp sometime plz

  5. Lol that party was great

  6. sorry i left early and thanks for adding me!

  7. =/ i had people over so yea, sry i will try to make your next party

  8. Thats Ok Everyone!! I Hope Everyone That Missed It Can Make It To The Next One!
    -Braveboy124 A.k.A Braveboy24-

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