Clubpenguin Newspaper!

Update: Scroll Down To See The Pandanda News!

Ok The Clubpenguin Newspaper Tells Alot. Like Theres An Update In The 101 Days Of Fun! Also It Says Who Won The Dojo Igloo Contest! I WON!! Im Just Kidding. But I Did Enter…

News1 ( Click To Enlatge )

Also Heres The Events Coming Up!


If You Cant See… You May Enlarge It By Clicking It Or Read Below.

  1. Igloo Music – June 26
  2. Better Igloos Catalog – June 19
  3. New Pin – June 19
  4. DJ3K Updates – June 26

Nothing Really Special. All Im Looking Foward To Is Better Igloos Catalog On Friday And Pin! ALSO MY PANDANDA PARTY!

Also Im Going To Let You Vote. I Will Be Having Many Contests Over The Summer For AWESOME Prizes. I Want YOU To Choose The Contests I Will Be Holding. Out Of 5 You May Choose 2 Contests Because I Will Be Having 2 Contests.

  1. Guess The Number
  2. Commenting Contest
  3. Youtube Music Video Contest
  4. Guess The Pictures ( Pandanda )
  5. Guess The Pictures ( Clubpenguin )

Thats All For Now!

-Braveboy124 A.k.A Braveboy24-


4 Responses

  1. guessing number contest im so good at it because i got first on sources i guessed the exact number

  2. cool post!

  3. guessing #!!!!

  4. the comment and number contest

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