Hmm, New Pandanda Author(s) And Clubp3nguin Author(s)


Hey… I Think I Should Replace Zengrong. I Will Be Replacing Him Because Hes Not Posting Anymore Cheats And I Really Need A Good Author! So I Will Be Having A Contest. There Will Be 2 Winners! 1 Winner For Pandanda Cheats And 1 Winner From Clubpenguin! Though Im Still Thinking About Deleting Dragondav3. Im Just Saying Please Do Your Jobs, Cause I Am Keeping An Eye Out!

To Enter The Contest Please Keep Reading

Please Fill Out The Form. So There Will Be Two Catergories! Heres How I Set It Up.


Catergory You Want: ( Either Clubpenguin Poster Or Pandnada Poster )

WordPress Blog: ( If You Dont Have One Put “None” )

What Can You Do For This Blog: ( Contests, Posts, Pages )

How Much Blogs Do You Work For:

Howd You Find Out About This Blog:

Create An Example Post About Your Category: ( Example: Hey The New Pin Has Come Out. Its A Watermelon,

( Picture Goes Here )

Tasty Isnt It? I Wonder What Pin Will Come Out Next? You Guess! ) PLEASE DONT COPY MY EXAMPLE!

3 People  From Each Catergory Will Make It To Round 2!( 3 people from clubpenguin and 3 people from pandanda! ) Round 2 Are The Finals Where The Questions Will Get Harder! So Be Sure Your AWNSERS ARE AWESOME!

-Braveboy124 A.k.A Braveboy24-


17 Responses

  1. im having a series 3 toy code conteset so ya if you want to check it out that would be cool to win so come to my site and try to win it! (just click my name)



  2. Category: Club Penguin
    Wordpress blog:
    What Can You Do For This Blog: I will post contests and updates on Club Penguin or Pandanda whichever one i get.
    How Many Blog Do You Work For: 23
    I found out about this blog because you work on Cp7, and I searched your username, and it came up with this blog!
    Here’s an example of a post;

    Hey guys, the new music updates are coming soon and I’m really excited! Read this post from the Club Penguin blog for more information:

    Hello Penguins!

    Stay tuned this week for some music updates! On Friday you’ll find some new music in your igloo, and that’s not all. Also coming on Friday is a DJ3K update in the Night Club. Members will be able to purchase exclusive music tracks from a special catalog – and then take them right into the game!

    There’s been some talk of yellow puffles being quite enthusiastic about the update to the DJ3K game… We’ll have to see what that’s all about on Friday.

    Until then…Waddle on!

    -Club Penguin Team

    Cool right?

    That’s my post, I would add the picture they put, but I’m not actually posting it.
    Bye!!!! Beardedcrest.

  3. I can apply.
    Name: Darknerr for Club Penguin, Pandanda its Klove101 AKA Byron.
    Category: Im better at Club Penguin but I still update on pandanda, its just that its a blogspot site. I can copy it and put it on these posts if you want.
    I work on 15 sites.
    I knew your site by Clubpenguin Seven and you once commented on my site.

    Hey everyone! Darknerr here!

    Club Penguin has really enjoyed the weeks worth of 101 days of fun. This summer, many exciting events will be coming our way.

    If you were here last year, you remember the Penguin Games, Water Party, and Music Jam. Here is a sneak peek for this time.

    (picture goes here) thats the link to image.

    Pretty cool sneak peeks right?

    Don’t forget many cool changes are coming our way! Such as

    Game Upgrades
    Plays and Costumes
    Famous Penguins
    More rooms and constructions
    Comment what you think!

    That’s all and good luck to those who are applying!

  4. opps, my website is

  5. Name:Funandagme

    Catergory You Want: Club Penguin

    WordPress Blog: None

    What Can You Do For This Blog: Posts but can’t add pics

    How Much Blogs Do You Work For: 0

    Howd You Find Out About This Blog: Google and youtube

    Create An Example Post About Your Category: There will be an update on DJ3K on Friday. Members will be able to buy songs from the catalog.

  6. i aint righting that much ill apply for club penguin
    Braveboy124 Says: Then You Might Not Make It Next Round!

  7. dude i was the first one 2 ask

  8. Can I plz be on your blogroll!?!? PLZ!!!????
    My website is:

  9. Name: Disco70s

    Category: Club Penguin (if you had maplestory on there, I would also
    pick that one lol).

    WordPress blog:

    What I can do for the blog: Cheats, pins and spoilers. No updates.

    How many blogs I work for: 11 blogs.

    How I found this blog: From comments of yours in one of the blogs I work for.

    My post (this might go into spam because it’s very long)

    The adventure party is here! Here’s the cheats on finding the following discoveries:

    The fish is in the pool and find the sliver fish. It’s at the window where you can see the water.
    The plant is next to the surfin waves shack.
    The turtle is next to the speed boat at the dock. You could see it’s shell.
    Go to the snow forts and next to the clock tower are one petal flowers. Click on them.
    Go to the iceberg and find the squirting water on the top left corner.
    In the plaza, cick on the flowers on the top right corner. Those are the flowers, above the dishes. They fool you, heh?
    The jellyfish is at the beach. Go to the little river on the bottom right corner. See the bubbles? Click on them and see the jellyfish pop up!
    The last location is the forest. Between the twin falls, click on the flowers. Wow they’re huge.
    For your prize is the background.

    Oh, I almost forgot. The green safari hat is in the plaza.

    I can’t post the tree house because remember I said about I’m a non-member? Well that’s the problem.

    Have fun on your adventure and remember to check out the night club. It’s a bit scary in there if you know what I mean!

  10. Name: cpkid8888/mjw8888

    Catergory You Want: club penguin or pandanda either one

    WordPress Blog:

    What Can You Do For This Blog: i can post and do parties mostly in pandanda and pages

    How Much Blogs Do You Work For:9

    Howd You Find Out About This Blog:beardedcrest

    Create An Example Post About Your Category: Het everyone the new beta item has just came out it is cool right comment if You think it’s cool or not!

  11. Hey penguins I am Merik13. I want to tell you about a fantastic site.

    That is site where you can found anything you want:

    1. Book codes

    2. CPMA (Club Penguin Monchocho’s Army )

    There have and Other Stuff you can do there. Don’t read that just go here :

  12. Name: The Source00

    Catergory You Want: I want to be a Club Penguin Poser

    WordPress Blog: Club Penguin Seven

    What Can You Do For This Blog: I can Post club penguins post and do contests and all i can do during summer

    How Much Blogs Do You Work For: Exactly 16 blogs

    Howd You Find Out About This Blog: I stalked it lol

    Hey Guys Source Here! Happy77 is interviewing the designer for mission 11. It sounds like this mission will be worth THE LONG wait! Heres Happy’s Interview
    (Picture, Interview)
    Well Sounds interesting but the 3rd stupid question was stupid lol. Stay Continued…

  13. oh and braveboy comment back on my site. Do you wanna make a productions? idk if u follow TDI or TDA but me and Doggiking made a TDI last year and if u want to we can get real people this time and make Club Penguin Total Drama Action. You can record it and edit it and i want to do something like that before i quit cp

  14. im working on a lot of sites, so i think i will let someone else win

  15. ok view the TSD Viedos page and see all the Club Penguin Total Drama Island Viedos. I’m gonna be in the season, and so will Kflockey92, Jayman5000, and Oatman. I can get 3 penguins on all at the same time on 3 computers. and kflockey can be the 1st one out so nobody gets too upset. So it can be like 5-8 minutes long not too long

  16. hey brave u are “da boss” so you pick when you want to record. Sometime next week late should be good and you can pick most of the contests

  17. Ok! Contest Is Done! No More Comments! I Have The Finalists!

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