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Please Comment Winners!

Ok Disco70, Please Pick A Job

  1. Author
  2. Editor

Ok Darknerr Please Pick Your Job

  1. Author
  2. Editor

Beard, I Know You Want To Be An Author, I Will Add You Right Now.

Comment Reply To Dyl100: I Dont Like Beard Better. I Treat Everyone Fairly, I Told You That You Shouldve Made Your Awnser Better. All You Put Was ” Category: Cp ” Thats Not Good Enough. So Sorry. Now You Know Next Time.

Message To Everyone About Source: I Made Source An Admin Because Hes My Freind That I Trust Alot. If You Guys Want To Be An Admin, You Have To Show Me That You Can Post Good And Get Alot Of People To This Blog.

Message To Source: Congrats Source!

Message To Dragondav3: Dragondav i replacred you cause you wasnt posting at all. I even gave you a second chance. If you want to be a worker here again. You must win my next author cotnest coming in August 2009.

Now Everything Is Straighten Out.

-Braveboy124 A.k.A Braveboy24-


4 Responses

  1. Hey braveboy can you make a goodbye post for me? Thanks

  2. By the way its ok. I am sorry I wasn’t posting. I wasn’t a very good co-admin and I am sorry for that. It’s mainly coz of school load increasing by a lot near exam times. Don’t worry about it. I leave this blog with some dignity. But I would like a good bye post. Thanks braveboy. It was fun.

  3. but u know how good i can post

  4. Ok author.

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