The Source00 is here!!

Hey Guys Source here! I am the new Club penguin poster it seems and thanks Braveboy for the oppurtnity. Now! I’m not going t0 post club penguin stuff just yet but as many of you no, Braveboy is the host for Club Penguin Total Drama Action The 2nd Season. 20 REAL players will be competing for the prize!! Including me and kflockey92 from last season and maybe other people will return…. Anyway Here the first Season of Club Penguin Total Drama Island!! Hosted by Doggiking who recently quit cp 😥 Enjoy!



4 Responses

  1. Oh and Brave i just made a page on my site called TDA Chat to comminicate during the contest. Oh and I think we should do one more thing during this week either Friday or Saturday.
    Im thinking Friday July 3rd 12:00 pst Iceland my igloo.

  2. brave hope u like the song im on a boat because my new cp comedy has you in helping me rap it vs rookie lol

  3. I love that show
    remember the episode I triple dog dare you?

  4. Brave, how come you haven’t made me, Disco or Darknerr an author? It’s been like three days.

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