Golden Tickets

Hey everyone!

Pandanda has a new resident, it’s Zing Ballyhoo! Here are the steps!
1.Click the icon of the golden ticket to see your objective.
golden ticket icon
2. You have to find 10 golden tickets. They can be found anywhere, so search everywhere! Here is a pic of the golden ticket.
golden ticket found
3. You can go back and talk to Zing Ballyhoo.
zing ballyhoo

Sorry I can’t tell the prize. I don’t want to spoil it for you! (I haven’t got the 10 tickets yet)

That’s all!

~Klove101 A.K.A. Byron


5 Responses

  1. congrads on one year! and if u see this go on the chat and DO A PREVIOSULY TO SHOW CPKIDD GETTING VOTED OFF AND BIEMAN WINNING IT FOR THE KRABS

  2. Cool that was fun! by the end of 7th Challenge i think we can get rid of the teams and put everyone for themselves. We should probably do a whole bunch of stuff CP TDA Episodes before we get into august and people start to head back to school.

  3. Cool! You have pandanda to? I have like 9 different accounts 😛
    Anyways, my blog has also been running for a year now! The key is use lots of tags, comment regularly on other peoples sites so they become friends with you. Then soon, they will be regularly visiting your site. Then soon enough, you have this 1 fan that comments like crazy and then brings another friend. Then that friend will bring another friend to your site and so on. Then soon, you will be getting a better google page rank and you should be getting 200-300 hits a day in the beginning and from there, your hits will increase.
    Hope that helps!

  4. Thanks Flubby! Ill Do That! 😉

  5. i wish i get to find the tickets soon i really really want those prizes

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