Braves Clubpenguin Awards Ceremony!


Update: This Post Will Be Sticky 😉 Scroll Down For More Cp And Pd Cheats!

In December Of 2008 , I Told You Guys Sometime In 2009 , I Will Have An Award Ceremony , With Polls So Now Im Officially Starting

Braves Clubpenguin Awards!

This Could Range By About Anything! For Example ( A Poll About My Best Commenters Or Who Was The Best Worker On This Blog )

So Get Ready

( Cuts Ribbon 😉 ) Because Its Officially Open!

Heres A Very Large Ammount Of Polls! Some May Have You In It. Which Is Awesome! You May Vote For Yourself Lol. So Without Further Or Do….

Deadline To Submit Your Awnsers Is On…

July 17!

Winners Will Be Announced On Youtube On July18

Winners Will Be Posted On This Blog On July18

And If You Werent Up There , There Will Always Be Another Award Ceremony Sometime This Year.

-Bravey- ( Like The New Nickname? )


14 Responses

  1. I didn’t vote for myself.

  2. I voted for myself every time 😀 except the one where who own the blog in the future because im gonna quit in 2 months and i voted snowy1900

  3. why am i not in the person of the year poll

  4. and the commenter 1

  5. cool

  6. GREAT POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe 😀 Check out my blog!

  7. Wow thanks for including me a few times braveboy, your the best, you should be in a few of those polls.

  8. Lol. Your Welcome Dragondav3. You Were My Longest Author On My Blog.. Then Iceecubee And Then Source Darknerr Disco And Beard 😉

  9. Like The New Blog?

    • reply 2 me

  10. Hey Brave dont forget all the 3 tda things in the next 2 days including today at 12:00 pst time and u forgot to say what happened in the 2nd episode because it was recordings so maybe you could say what happened in the 2nd episode on the 4th episode

  11. I didn’t voted for myself.
    1. I’m not the best poster.
    2. Why should I own this site? I shouldn’t because I currently own 4! My friend’s(almost all of them quited), my own, the agent force, and my maplestory blog!
    I tried picking some other person for each one.

  12. Ok Cool. Anyways own This Blog Is Not For Real. Im Just Looking Like Who People Would Pick, If I Ever Do Quit, Im Leaving My Blog With The People That Work On This Site. Or I May Just Delete It.
    p.s: Like The New Theme?

  13. Yah, the new themes awesome. No offense, but I like the other theme better. Don’t take my suggestion unless you really want to change it.

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