Membership Contest? Or Coincode Contest?

Update: Post Will Be Sticky 😉 Scroll Down For The Updates!

Im Gonna Be Having Either A Coin Code Contest Or Membership Contest.

I Might Be Going Toys R Us On The Weekend Or Im Just Gonna Compete In A Contest..

Im Only Starting This Contest When I Reach 30,000 Hits! So If You Really Want A Coin Code Or A Membership NOW, Then Get Me To 30,000 Hits Or Above. 😉

Braves Sig



P.S: Ill Be Waiting…


7 Responses

  1. Cool! Nice site-Good luck with blogging! Maybe you could make the contest as hard as guess the room, or as simple as comment your username!

  2. yay u alive!

  3. Actually Im Probally Making This A Commenting Contest. Im Not So Sure.

  4. Wait is this the contest at Zebby’s or this is your contest?

  5. This Is My Contest/

  6. brave is your weeworld name still braveboy24 tell me cause i have one and its bieman98.

  7. i think u should have it at 25,000 hits and you will be very close or at 30,000 hits by the end of it 😀

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