Clubpenguin Updates

Hey Braveboy124 Posting!

Anyways Remember What I Said About When I Get To 30,000 Hits Im Gonna Have Either A Membership Or Coin Code Contest.. Its Still On! 😉 You Thought I Was Going To Cancell It. LOL!

Anyways Instead Of Making it Sticky Up There Until I Get 30,000 Hits, Im Just Going To Make A Page Instead!

” Membership Contest Or CoinCode Contest ”

Heres When I Will Start It..

  • Aug ?? 09 ( Still Trying To Figure Out The Date )
  • When I Get 30,000 Hits

Between That Time Ill Be Going To Either

Walmart- Clubpenguin Membership Or

Toys R Us – Coincode

Unless Someone Wants To Donate. Im Currently In A Lot Of Contests. Also

Thesource00 Is Planning To Make A Donation! So Visit His Blog And Comment Alot! ( I Work There 😉 )

So Dont Worry I Promise I Will Be Having Either A Membership Or Coincode Contest Starting Sometime In August!

Also Heres The Clubpenguin Updates

Hello Penguins!

Ruby and the Ruby starts tomorrow and last week we asked about your favorite ways to get creative while you’re at the Stage. We got so many cool comments, and here’s a great one:

Limelight12 said:

My favorite thing to do at the Stage is to become part of the cast. I love to look at the scrpit and see which character I want to be, and pick out their costume. It’s very fun to act onstage! I can be anything; a fairy, a princess, a detective… it’s all there! It’s also fun to make new friends in the play with me! Thanks for the update! Waddle on!

Thanks, Limelight12. We hope you have fun with Ruby and the Ruby!


Music Jam starts next week (July 17) and you’re probably getting your bands ready for rehearsal. There will be stages all over the island so you can rock the island! How are you and your friends getting ready for Music Jam Party?

Try to keep your responses between 50 – 75 words so we can post a lot of them!

Also Thanks Everyone For Commenting Here! You Guys Rock!

Braves Sig




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  1. Sweet site.I have Pandada also, im a second and third beta.

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