1 Year Of Clubpenguin And Pandanda Cheats!

Update: Post Will Be Sticky! Scroll Down For Cp And Pandanda Updates 😉

Update: We Will Be Talking While The Party Is Going On At Braveboys Xat

Heres Some Stuff Thats Happening To Me Now!

  • My Penguin Turned 500 Days Old 5 Days Ago!
  • My Blog Is Turning 1 Years Old On July11!
  • We Just Got 20,000 Hits!

So Instead Of Having 3 Seperate Parties, Im Going To Have 1 Big Party Celebrating All 3 Things!!

Im Trying To Get Alot Of Special Guests!

  • Marciux ( Pending )
  • Tooly228- Said He Might Be Coming 😉
  • Flubby123456- Said She Might Be Coming 😉
  • Zebby- Said She Is Coming FOR SURE!
  • And More!

Im Trying To Get Either A Membership Or Coin Code For The Grand Prize!

Heres The Banner!


Please Advertise This On Your Blog!

My Goal Is To Have The Whole Entire Room Full!!

Braves Sig





28 Responses

  1. im coming for sure

  2. DUDE cant come im so mad im somewhere else :mad:! and dude can u rename the CP TDA to Episode 4 sorry but im so paranoid and everything lol

  3. whos that girl on the xat advertise

  4. Just A Random Penguin.

  5. I think I can come but I’m not making any promises.

  6. sorry i can’t come im going to a concert

  7. Put my name there!

  8. Zebby says: SHE IS COMING NO MIGHT!

  9. Also brave… I’m gonna be shouting your name and everything 😉

    And please add my blog to your blogroll and comment on my blog, hits are going for 2,000 views a day to 300 to 200 to 100 to 50!

  10. Cool you unlocked items on club penguin…. please give me a series 1 code if you find one! Thanks

  11. I think I can come

  12. Cool. I think I can come.

  13. Brave,

    1. Flubby is a GIRL.
    2. I’ll try to come but can you add me as a guest? I have over 40,000 hits now! Yay!


  14. I meant special guest! 😆

  15. There is no way the lol face is funny. 😡

  16. They Limey will be sure to come!

  17. No I’m a special guest. Ok bravey?! Because the -ZEBS- Productions 😉

  18. I may be a lil late 😦

  19. I might come because at 4:30 P.M. EST I’m going to a golf party at my friend’s party. Also, I need to take a shower lol.

  20. pacif time?????????????

  21. o pengy time I’m 25 min late

  22. I’m on fjord at docks and ur not there brave

  23. when are you doing the review

  24. cool site

  25. sorry couldnt come when i got on it was over, also next time give mroe of a notice 😀

  26. Sorry i didnt come. Today was my b day so i had to go disney land. Sorry

  27. my sister is getting a job at disney 😛

  28. Im coming

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